As the co-founder of MyTomorrow my goal is to create an environment that makes personal  finances accessible to everyone. Jargon free, clear and independent are hallmarks of how we like to work with our customers.

At MyTomorrow we want to make it easy for women to make the most of their money. There is currently £180bn in UK women’s bank accounts earning less than inflation. The average 60-year-old woman's pension pot is a third of that of a man's. We want to help close the gender planning gap.

Straight forward
We turn the “What If?” into “How To” so that everyone can plan for their financial futures with confidence.

We only ever act in your best interests. We would never recommend products, rather we provide comparisons and options. Any product agreements are entirely explicit.

Vivien de Tusch-Lec

Co-founder & CEO

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I used to work in banking, an industry known for its lack of diversity at senior management level.  I've always been a strong advocate of building gender balanced teams and a more progressive work culture. 

Over time, friends, family, colleagues and books exposed the many hidden biases that are putting women at a financial disadvantage across the spectrum.

For me, the essence of MyTomorrow is having the confidence to get started with your finances, no matter how little or much you have. 

Alex Lauder

Co-founder & COO


As a self-confessed ‘numbers phobe’, I spent my thirties avoiding getting to grips with my finances because it felt overwhelming.  In the last five years I have been on a personal financial journey from not knowing where to start to feeling confident and owning a home.  

I believe the best approach to user experience design comes from seeing a problem in its entirety, and I have drawn on the ups and downs of my own journey to help our customers focus on what's important to them.

Sandra Vickery

Digital Strategy Advisor



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